• Ask questions about your food and drink: What's in it? Who made it? How was it made?
  • Contemplate the nutrient density of food you come across and give growing a little bit of your own a try.
  • If you enjoy wine, find out if the grapes were irrigated or dry-farmed.
  • Ask questions about what you read: Was it ghost-written? Who funded it?
  • Take a look at chemicals in your household: cleaners, yard applications, personal care products. Are they healthy for your house, yard and self?       
  • Shop at a food co-op or check out a farmers' market and talk to the seller of the food. Ask about possibly visiting the farm or operation.
  • Learn how to make bread from ancient grains like einkorn, emmer and spelt. It's pretty easy to make bread once you get the hang of it.
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  • Head on over to the Additional Resources page on this site for more ideas.

Stay curious and ask even more questions!